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Need a crawler to collect data
More details in private

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Maksym Zinchenko

I assume you need a web Crawler, and save data in sql database? It can be easily done, but you need to be more specific.

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Need specs.

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Chris Howell

Hi, I know I might not have much experience on this site, however I have over 15 years of professional software development experience both, on the web and stand alone apps with databases & such. I am happy to provide a resume on request. My experience spans organizations such as Intel, McAfee Anti Virus & Sun Life financial. I can crank this app out for you in 2 weeks and only cost you 100. I could give you this app as a .NET app, C++ or java whichever you prefer could even look at a python app if you really wanted it. I could also expose some API functionality in the app so it could be consumed from other service as well. Could provide a GUI or a fully command line app whichever you'd prefer. Cheers, Chris

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Ioan-Tudor Stratulat

-degree in stats and maths/master in financial math; -owner of a domain where I hosted several websites such as : and; -experience in data analyses of xlsx, csv, txt files with Matlab, Python, C++, Spss, R; -image processing with Matlab / OPENCV(the histogram of the image and the matrix associated to an image); -analyses with SPSS with respect to tests of difference of mediums, analyses of variance(the ratio of variances compared with a specific number),the univariate, bivariate, multivariate analyses, ROC tests, risk tests, tests of ranks (Spearmann) for correlation; -an APK made for a firm in Canada having a link inserted in its MainActivity.Java code(along with ContentMain.XML and AndroidManifest.XML);ability to make signed/unsigned APK’s with sha-1,sha-256,md5,rsa encrypting method; -I have Android Studio, RStudio , MinGw , SPSS installed on my computer; -web scraping ability with RStudio; -lecture from / stackoverflow tutorials / youtube tutorials; -an aws account for developing different apps;

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Rent A Coder

Hello, I'am an experienced developer in front and backend. I often use and create crawlers for some tasks, so It will be pretty easy for me to do what you want, just send me the details and I'll do it quickly! Thanks!

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