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    $30 / hr
    Budget (USD)
    $25 - $50 / hr

    Project Description:

    From scratch development for restauration business workflow software ; NVC .net; bootstrap; angularJs; Entity Framework; MSSQL.
    Ready to start within days. The architect is already present and instructions will be provided to the developer on a daily basis. We are searching for an experienced developer with a clean and pragmatic approach to development.
    Project documents will be provided upon contact.

    Hours of work:

    8 hour(s) per Day

    Project Duration:

    1 Week - 4 Weeks

    Skills Required:



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      Avijit Acharjee

      Dear sir We are software development company in India. we already developed this kind of website and mobile application before. please tell me your preferable time so we can provide you a demo. Thanks Avijit

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      $30 / hr
      8 hour(s) per Day