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I am in need of a DSP project that will have 1 Single ended Analog audio input and 2 Single ended Analog audio outputs that are 90 degrees apart in phase (hilbert transform) over a audio frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. Also an adjustable low-pass, and high pass filter. The hpf and lpf filters can be adjusted by a SPI bus
the circuit should be low latency (real time)

part choices should be easily obtainable choices
my main cpu will send control data to the circuit you design
to control the hp and lp filters
the circuit will have voice and music as a input
and the 2 outputs will just have a 90 degree phase shifted difference of the input signal
ex: ch1 out -45 degree, ch2 out +45 degree diff from input signal
also i'm not very knowledgeable with how dsp works
but one thing ive noticed is
with a single sine wave at the input the outputs have the 90 degree diff with equal amplitude as input signal
but when you have a complex waveform at the input the phase diff is good but the amplitude tends to have overshoot
i would like to keep this amplitude overshoot minimized
the circuit is used for a single sideband IQ type transmitter so phase and amplitude balance needs to be very good to properly reject the unwanted sideband

Some possible chip choices:

High Performance Dual Core DSP/MCU Audio Processor

24-Bit, 192 kHz Stereo Audio CODEC

I only need to have a schematic and software designed.

If interested, more details will be provided before bidding.

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    kindly send me the accurate data therefore i can do work according to your desire.

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