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    I need a front-end developer for a trading website similar to the website localbitcoins.com. The website is being built with node.js and hapi for the back-end, and react.js for the front end. The main work required is developing front-end react.js components that work on desktop and mobile platforms. No database or back-end development required.

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      Vikash Keshri

      Time bounded deliver, quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

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      40 day(s)
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      Ioan-Tudor Stratulat

      -degree in stats and maths/master in financial math; -owner of a domain where I hosted several websites such as : www.tstratulat.com/Tommy4x/tommy4x_en.php and www.tstratulat.com/d3.html; -experience in data analyses of xlsx, csv, txt files with Matlab, Python, C++, Spss, R; -image processing with Matlab / OPENCV(the histogram of the image and the matrix associated to an image); -analyses with SPSS with respect to tests of difference of mediums, analyses of variance(the ratio of variances compared with a specific number),the univariate, bivariate, multivariate analyses, ROC tests, risk tests, tests of ranks (Spearmann) for correlation; -an APK made for a firm in Canada having a link inserted in its MainActivity.Java code(along with ContentMain.XML and AndroidManifest.XML);ability to make signed/unsigned APK’s with sha-1,sha-256,md5,rsa encrypting method; -I have Android Studio, RStudio , MinGw , SPSS installed on my computer; -web scraping ability with RStudio; -lecture from www.w3schools.com / stackoverflow tutorials / youtube tutorials; -an aws account for developing different apps;

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      20 day(s)
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      Sunny Pandya

      Hi, I am Kunal, a front end developer with experience in Node and React.js and with a total experience of 5+ years. I saw the link that you have provided in your requirements and it seems like it has been using bootstrap for responsive along with react js. I can work along with your backend APIs if any and try and complete this in 15-20 man - days. If you require my cv, i can provide that too. Thanks, Kunal

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      25 day(s)