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    Budget (USD)
    $1,500 - $3,000

    Project Description:

    Project involves developing functions for improving the English language proficiency of Chinese and Japanese professionals in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry at www.specifiko.com.

    By leveraging an existing database that already includes 50,000+ English vocabulary entries translated into both Chinese and Japanese, 5,000+ .jpg images and 20,000+ mp3 audio files, users will be tested and their performance tracked in 5 styles:

    1) English vocabulary <-> Chinese or Japanese vocabulary
    2) English vocabulary <-> Image
    3) English vocabulary <-> Audio
    4) Image <-> Audio
    5) English vocabulary <-> Chinese or Japanese vocabulary within a complete text

    The test content will be taken either from the master database or from personal databases built through MySpecifiko profiles that link with individual videos that have been viewed:

    How many and which videos did they watch in a specific time period?
    How much and which vocabulary did they acquire?
    How much time did they spend on learning activities?
    How much time was needed for them to accomplish specific learning tasks?

    Their relative performance will be measured against their own previous results, as well as anonymously ranked against other users.

    Ideal developer(s) would also have capacity to develop and implement:
    1) Weibo/Weixin and Twitter distribution platforms for use in China and Japan;
    2) Youku video archives; and,
    3) Chinese and/or Japanese-language web pages and functions.

    Skills needed:

    • Proficiency in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, XML, jQuery, twitter bootstrap framework

    • Proficient in mysql/mssql SQL language and database management, familiar with Php Yii framework is a plus

    • Knowledge of Social Network Platform API (Facebook, Twitter, Sina, QQ, etc)

    Skills Required:


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